Fast Food – Not As Bad As We Think??

March 24, 2015

ffasIt’s hard to beat fast food for speed and taste, but as far as nutrition goes…well, most of us try not to think about it when we’re feasting on french fries, shakes, and double cheeseburgers. But when eating in fast-food restaurants becomes more than a once-in-a-while treat, it’s time to rethink your fast-food choices.

Fast-Food Nutrition

Fast food are not bad. All food, including fast food, has nutrients your body needs. Nutritionally, however, fast-food meals generally come up short in the vitamin and minreal departments, while being high in calories, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. When fast-food meals are consumed once or twice a month, these nutritional problems aren’t a big deal. But relying on your local buger joint for meals once or twice a week? Not a good idea.

Luckily, making nutritious choices at the fast-food counter isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. In the last couple of years, many fast-food chains have developed new, more healthful products or reformulated existing products to please their health-minded customers. Salad bars and packaged salads, …


Birth Control Options Are Always There

March 8, 2015

bcoatFor almost all teens, deciding whether or not to become sexually active is one of the first major decisions they control. Legally and morally, no one should be forced to have sex. Emotionally, it should be a shared decision between equals, mature enough to know and accept the consequences.

Making decisions about birth control is difficult. But asking the questions honestly about what you want and need, and what is best for you, can help you make the safest and healthiest decision.

Take your time and think about it. Do you feel ready to begin sexual activity? Is it what you–not your friends or your partner–think is best? is it what you want? Is the person you’re thinking about someone you’ll care about for a long time? Is he or she worthwhile enough to be your partner? Even with the latest advances in birth control, abstinence–not having sex–is still the only 100 percent-effective way of preventing…