Data Recovery And Your Crashed Hard Drive

May 12, 2015

Oh no, it’s happened. Your computer has crashed and all of your valuable data has vanished. What do you do now? Fortunately, data recovery services are an abundant service offered worldwide, yet many people don’t routinely invest in a good data recovery option. It is only when it becomes too late that they realize it was a precious commodity worthy of its investment.

Think it's not recoverable? You're probably wrong!

Think it’s not recoverable? You’re probably wrong!

Data recovery reminds me of life insurance. Everyone should have it, yet many people don’t. In some cases it is the lowest priority on their life’s totem pole. Why is that? I think it lies in the idea that it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, the sad news is, it does and can happen to us.

I remember one point in my life, back in the bygone era when huge desktop computers with large CPUs were the norm. My boyfriend at the time thought it would be a good idea to vacuum out my dusty CPU. In his zeal, he managed to create an electrical charge between the vacuum and the computer, and voila, my computer would no longer power up. I had baby pictures, pictures from my life, my pregnancy, books I had written and more on that computer. All gone, with one suck of the vacuum.   It was from that day forward I made the important decision to invest in a data recovery system.

There are many data recovery options offered on the market today. The key is to find one that not only meets your needs, but fits into your budget as well. It doesn’t matter if you are a heavy user and have a substantial amount of data, or simply someone who saves all of your pictures somewhere other than the “cloud.” My point is, you SHOULD have some sort of backup plan in the event something happens.

Drive failure is normally caused by a hardware malfunction. However, there are many other events that can create a situation where you may need to recover your data. For example, in the case of a natural disaster. I know, I know, it won’t happen to you.

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Regardless, the loss of your files is a massive problem. Data recovery can consist of simply re-installing your files that have been uploaded and saved with a data recovery company, or in some cases you might actually need a data recovery expert to physically recover your lost information.

Another aspect to consider, (ahem) yes, I am going to address the elephant in the room. You need to research and find a company that you can entrust with your sensitive information. Remember those “questionable” photos you stored on your computer from the time you decided to make a nude run across the beach in Mexico? Hence, be sure to read other customer reviews and background information on the company you are considering. Luckily enough, we live in an age where you can locate and read reviews about any company you are considering to help you recover your precious data.

It is wise to first, plan ahead. Find a data recovery service that routinely backs your data up on its servers. If you lose your data, you can simply download it again from their website. Before you choose a company, ask you friends and family who they use and make sure to read reviews about your chosen company online. Do your research on the costs associated. Some companies charge you based on what kind of data they are recovering.   Once you have established this framework, you can breathe easier, having the peace of mind that you no longer have to worry about losing important, and in some cases priceless information from your computer.

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