What Are Crashplan’s Major Features?

December 10, 2015

CrashplanIn this digital age having constant, easy access to our personal or business files is no longer a convenience; it’s a necessity.

Space on tablets is limited and with laptops becoming more and more outdated in favour of the easier, more portable tablets people need to be able to have access to our files. Along with being able to access our files we need to be able to backup these files with a safe and trusted procedure that is also fast and easy.

Not everyone has the time or space to manually back up all their files on hard copies anymore. Floppy discs are a thing of the past and while USB sticks or flash drives are more common, their size makes them easy to lose or misplace.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a product that backs up your files for you, continuously, without you needing to be constantly sitting at your computer making sure that the files you need are being backed up?

So what do you do if you found out there was a product that does this in this situation?

A nice, free option is Crashplan® which is a product developed by Code42. You may have seen it on NBC’s Today Show: Tips to Protect Your Computer from Hackers.

Aside from the fact that it is the best price ever, free, Crashplan® has some pretty great features that make it worthy of making a spot on television.

The best Crashplan® features are:

  • You can download Crashplan® Online Backup for Windows, Mac and Linux which makes it pretty universal
  • For protection you can use a local drive, a trusted computer, the Crashplan® cloud, or all three which really protects your stuff
  • It’s easy to navigate and digital so you don’t need to worry about losing precious space.
  • Being completely free means it’s within any budget
  • Without storage limits you don’t need to be concerned about having to delete files in order to make space. You don’t have to decide what is more important because Crashplan® lets everything be important.
  • By installing the app to your mobile device you really can take it everywhere
  • Password protection lets you put that extra bit of security on your files and lets you feel a bit more relaxed

While there are some aspects of Crashplan® that you may need to pay for, many of the above mentioned best features apply to the free version. You don’t have to worry that by installing the free one you will suddenly have a charge on your credit card when some mysterious trial period is over because Crashplan® doesn’t do that.

The majority of people live their lives digitally. We all have computers, smartphones and tablets. Businesses thrive on these situations and it really allows people to get out of that stereotypical square office and do some work in the park or at a local coffee shop.

See this site for reviews of other online backup services.

If you’re concerned about safety look no further than Crashplan®. It’s triple protection option of the local drive, trusted computer or Crashplan® cloud makes it unique in that you don’t have to choose from those three options if you don’t want to. Using all three allows you to ensure that your files and photos are in a safe place. The best Crashplan® features are just as we listed above. Having that security and those options on a free product are usually hard to come by but Crashplan® makes it happen. The customer support doesn’t discriminate between free and paid users so you can be confident that you will receive the same measure of care no matter what plan you choose.

Rest assured in your choice when you decide to go with Crashplan® for your backup needs. It’s a trusted system that people from all over the world are deciding to use. Individuals and businesses alike are turning to Crashplan® for their file security. Don’t be left behind!

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